Thursday, January 31, 2013

My calorie tracker broke, blah blah blah

General good mood today, general hopeful feelings :)

I went to a soup party last night, I made a very paleo friendly sweet potato-coconut milk-asian spiced-veggie soup. There was also a very paleo friendly kale-chorizo-brothy soup there. However, the other soups were creamy, creamy, half and half, potato based soups with cheese. Ummm. I totally tasted them. I also ate bread. Not very gluten free last night. Not at all.

Back on the wagon today: had two eggs with a flax waffle (no gluten) and sunflower seed butter.

One thing that really threw me off yesterday was that my calorie counter app wouldn't let me add any foods... I really should have just jotted down what I was eating in the iPhone notepad to keep me honest. I am not sure of my calorie count even before I went to the soup party.

Well, it's fixed now and I am back to tracking. This is the app I use: Calorie Counter. It's good, but I needed an iPhone update for it to work correctly again... also it overestimates calories burned by a LOT, so I do my own calculations for that.

It's amazing how reliant upon that little application I've gotten. It really keeps me honest. I should really try being more honest with myself even when there isn't a little electronic gadget tracking my every move!

I think, at this point, I will be tracking calories for the rest of my life... even if just in a general sense. I really, really tend to overeat when I stop being vigilant. It is so easy to fall into, for me. I do wish I could just be a normal person and eat without inputting it into the phone... but I was at the border of 200 pounds in my early 20s. I'd been there for a long while. My brain and body don't seem to have fully healed from all those years of abuse.

So on I will trudge, gladly adding my foods to my tracker and keeping my body healthy. It's most important to me that I stay healthy and fit... it far outweighs the inconvenience of tracking my food. 

I will say, that last summer, when we on vacation to British Columbia and we were walking/hiking/DOING all day long and I was NOT tracking my food, but being mindful still... I came home weighing the same as when I had left. I hear so many horror stories about people gaining weight on vacation. It didn't happen to me. I made it not happen to me. I know I need to create a very active life for me here and now and get to a place where I am always mindful of my eating even when not tracking... maybe then I can stop counting :)

It's something to work towards!

Namaste :)

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