Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Long walks in the melting snow...

Keeping to a promise, I am taking Koda out every morning for an hour long walk. Good for both of us.

I've been waking up and doing the walk before breakfast. I've been enjoying being actually hungry for breakfast. When I work a normal 8-4 or 9-5 shift, I eat breakfast early in the morning just to fuel myself but I am rarely hungry. I prefer this situation!

The walks aren't super pleasant in this part of the world right now... ice covers most of the sidewalks where people haven't shoveled well, snow is melting, it's still too cold to be comfortable, though. REALLY looking forward to spring. Now that snow-sports are kind of off the table, I want spring.

Feels good to be active in the morning, too. Gets me in a good frame of mind.

Eating well continues. Made a "shepherd's pie" last night: ground beefalo topped with peas and carrots and covered in mashed sweet potatoes. Not traditional, but really delicious and nutritious. And totally paleo! We used only olive oil for cooking, almond milk to mash up the sweet potatoes, etc.

And I get to have the left overs for lunch :D :D :D

Keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning since my schedule is so different. Will try very hard to remember tomorrow morning! I don't think much of anything has changed, though.

Taking my vitamins daily, as well. Pleased that it has been over a month of taking vitamins every day. I definitely think I have established the habit again FINALLY. Haven't really taken vitamins in four years.

I'm a little sore. Last night, I used the rower while watching a show and then used light weights for my arms while I did squats. Just to ease back into exercise. Still can't do certain things, the biceps tendinitis hasn't healed... things like lateral arm raises with my left arm are impossible! I am doing physical therapy exercises recommended by a friend who is a PT, since I don't have insurance and going to the doctor isn't an option till I get on Chris' insurance. I can work around the injury, for now, though.

In other news: finances are CRAP. I am being as frugal as I can. We should have spent way less money over the holidays, for sure. We are paying for it now. I am trying to sell some of the items in the house on craigslist to bring in grocery money and the like..... ugh. I am really hoping to have a good, solid job by this time next year and not worry about living paycheck to paycheck.

Going to try not to let money be another stressor in my life.

Peace, calm, just try my best.

Namaste, friends.


  1. Try not to let the finances stress you out too much. You'll squeak by...I squeaked by for the last 8 years and am FINALLY feeling a little more comfortable. But it always worked itself out. :)

  2. Sorry about your financial issues.. that's such a depressing thing. But usually it works out, after a lot of effort.

    I love walking before breakfast too!

  3. Money worries suck, I had to tread water for a few months towards the end of last year. I had to cut back on certain things, but it also taught me that it can be done.