Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not over the cliff yet!

I was thinking as I lay sick in bed all day yesterday..

Regardless of my struggles and weight up and downs, I have stayed under 130 lbs for half a year.

This from a girl who had never been under 130 EVER as an adult.

I am proud of myself :)

Weighing in at 128.4 this morning. A little sick, still. Having some hot coffee - trying to get motivated because it is Chris' birthday and I'd like to have a nice clean house waiting for him and maybe a surprise or two :)

I've been completely back on track with eating this week, which has felt great. Being sick used to be an excuse to indulge. Not now.

I am a newer, stronger, healthier version of the old me.

So. Yep. Here I am, "off track" and yet more on track than I have ever been in my 30 years.  I eat WAY better. My bad eating is no where what it used to be. My bad eating is still better than most people I know when they are eating good!

I think the biggest thing for me is to NOT eat processed food. I slip up sometimes at a party. But 99% of my life, I don't eat processed foods or chemicals. My body is so much happier. My mind is so much happier. Eating only whole foods means my foods for the days usually only include meat, veggies, fruits and nuts. I do buy gluten free bread from the farmer's market, too, but they only use whole ingredients, no chemicals.

I hope all these current posts are indicative of a change in my mindset.

A move towards happiness and light.

A shifting of the grieving process, where it is easier to live.

It's been almost a month since I've had those horrible, wracking sobs. I cry now and then, out of the blue, thinking of my dad, but it is bearable. I just miss him, that's all, that's normal.

Life goes on, the world keeps turning.... I'm doing my best.

Namaste, friends. <3

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  1. Jeannette. You are totally rocking maintenance. I'm so happy for you. This is what maintenance is all about, dealing with life up and downs while working the new normal in eating and exercise.

    I too, cannot eat processed foods. Kept me stuck for 40 years. Congrats on getting to this place. It is awesome!!