Thursday, July 26, 2012

Potatoes and Hives

So I ate clean and normal and within my calories yesterday.

Then I went over to a friend's house in the evening (one of my favorites friends in the world, and I won't get to see her again till after vacation) and hung out, watching Wrath of Khan (haha).

But then they got hungry.

They all (my friend, her husband, his brother) wanted to go out to eat at this super awesome restaurant and the brother offered to pay. Chris and I decided to go, get an appetizer, and keep enjoying the nice times. This restaurant is one of the best in Albany, with fresh food and great flavors and super fun ambiance. I didn't want to skip out!

I totally overate. I had a drink. Ate an extra 1000 calories for my day (oof). I ate off-paleo (a little bit). I had some potato....

And got hives!!!!

This is the third time since I have gone paleo and eaten a white potato that I have gotten hives. Third times the charm, no more white potatoes for me!

Going off paleo with flour or rice doesn't give me hives, but the white potatoes sure do! Some of my friends who have gone gluten free or low carb commiserated with me, saying potatoes affected them similarly.

Lesson learned. Potatoes = inflammation and uncomfortable times!

So, I cheated. Overate. BUT had a super nice time, a really funny dinner with friends, and an amazing night that made up for all the sadder nights I have been having traveling.

THIS is why I don't splurge on the road, go to the buffets or indulge when the food/company isn't worth it. So that, when it is a dinner with awesome friends I love and food that is AMAZING, I can indulge.

I don't feel bad about it, at all :)

I will pick the special occasions that merit my slip-ups.

And today I am back to the normal eating schedule, if not a little stricter because of last night.

Have a great day, friends!


  1. Very interesting about the potatoes. I haven't had potatoes in any form since last November and it is one thing I have considered adding back now that I'm at goal. I may reconsider as I really don't miss anything except an occasional french fry and that might even turn out to be a trigger. Wonder if sweet potatoes would have the same effect on you???

    1. I've been eating and can eat sweet potatoes to my heart's content! (Thank goodness I can, too, because I rely on them!)