Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting back on the horse...

So I had not been to the gym or done a purposeful workout in over a week.

Being on the road, going to the music festival, being sick... all real and valid excuses. But I still didn't feel good about it :(

And it felt like it was going to be SO EASY to just continue on that path... slowly devolving into inactivity and general grumpiness and displeasure with my body.

(I am a few days out from getting my period and I ALWAYS seem to really loathe my body during this time)

I was supposed to go out for a girls night tonight, wine and a play in the park. I hate plays. I don't need wine. I canceled on them and went to the gym instead :D I usually try to be more social than that.... but I didn't feel good about me. I need to feel good inside and out.

Now I have a date to go night bike riding with friends (I like that MUCH MUCH better than wine and sitting in one place for two hours).

I ate roasted chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner with some almond yogurt and berries as dessert.

Stayed totally paleo today.

Got in more purposeful activity today than all last week combined!

It's okay to lose my way once in a while, as long as I can always find my way back! (Thanks Norma, you always inspire me to do what I KNOW is right)


  1. I'd totally opt for the bike date as well. I've lost friends because of choosing the gym over a girls' night out (seriously; we're all in our 40s...if you didn't party enough in your 20s, that's not my problem!) but you know me: if a food or activity doesn't contribute to the goal, it detracts from it. Thanks for the shout-out; glad you're feeling better & have a great day!

  2. I skip out on a lot of social events as well for many different reasons. The #1 reason being that I don't need the after affects from alcohol, lack of sleep, and bad food to screw up my work outs. Sometimes, yes, it is worth it, but in this case it doesn't sound like it was worth it for you. Especially with how shitty you have been feeling.