Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a dirty job...

But someone's got to do it!!

That's me at work, digging in 90 degree heat! Hot, yes? :D I am liking the shoulder muscles/bones I can see in this picture!

I am back on the road, traveling without Chris till Wednesday. Dealing with it better this week, because I get to be with him for the second half of the week when we are both local!

I decided not to go out to dinner this week while on the road. There are no good restaurant options, I would spend money on food I don't really want, and I CERTAINLY don't want to hit up the buffets (Casino Buffet and Indian Buffet) that my co-workers like to go to!

I have lots of food from home and some food I got from the supermarket to plan for my days here:

Tonight's dinner: roasted chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach salad with egg/almonds/cranberries, and dark chocolate

Tuesday's breakfast: almond milk yogurt with berries and some natural sausage

Tuesday's lunch/snacks: roasted chicken and sweet potato leftovers, roasted beets, lara bar, banana with almond butter

Tuesday's dinner: garden veggie and tomato soup, natural sausage, same spinach salad as tonight, dark chocolate

Wednesday breakfast: coconut milk yogurt with berries and natural sausage

Wednesday lunch/snacks: (this can be smaller since it will only be a half day of work) banana with almond butter, berry smoothie, pistachios, leftover sweet potatoes

SO... there are a lot of repeats. But I only get 40 bucks a day to eat, and I don't want to go wild getting tons of different things (I get to pocket the money I don't spend). It is also hard to keep veggies yummy in my cooler. Not my most well rounded couple of days, but I am working with what I've got. I will be home Wednesday night, the day we get our farmshare, and I will eat veggies, veggies, and MORE veggies ;)

Ahhh, traveling for work. I am looking forward to a point in my life where I don't do this anymore. But I get to workout all day with the digging and the screening and the carrying equipment, so I won't complain right now.

Life is strange!

Hope you are all enjoying your strange lives :D

Peace and light to you!

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  1. I love how you are traveling but packing ALL your meals!!! what a great idea....You have AMAZING willpower!!!

    -Hoping to learn from you,