Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I finally weighed myself today. I've been nervous to in the past two weeks because my exercise routine has faltered/changed, I had some bad sleep patterns last week, and ate a lot of dark chocolate.

But I tried as best I could to stay Paleo. I tried to be active, even when I was tired.

I weighed in at 126.4 today :D And that was in the middle of the day, after drinking two nalgenes of water and eating lunch! I am pleased as punch :D

I am so happy with this lifestyle I am leading now. I have some wiggle room in my life... if I go a little off-plan, it doesn't ruin my body. Getting in activity whenever I can, fitting in purposeful workouts as much as I can, and not letting some off-paleo eating throw me into a tailspin of indulgence is helping me maintain my weight.

I was scared I wasn't doing enough.

But I am.

And I intend to do more and do better in the future to make sure I don't lose my progress :)

This weekend, starting tomorrow morning, I will be at a music festival. We are bringing lots of food to try and avoid the concession food (apples, watermelon, bananas, dried pineapple, lara bars, sweet potatoes, meat for grilling, almond butter, homemade almond flour muffins, coconut water). I hope to be walking around and/or dancing ALL day EVERY day, so I am not too worried about staying active, hehe.

I will maybe update with some pictures if I have some downtime at the festival, but otherwise, I will wish you all a LOVELY weekend!

Namaste, friends.

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