Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making do..

So we are traveling for work. I am in a kind of no-where town where the food choices are very limited (Italian food, pub food or fast food.... and the grocery stores suck!). We made our chicken lettuce wraps last night, but wanted to mix it up a little tonight. Tried to find somewhere to eat...after 45 minutes, we got frustrated and chose to try and find something at the grocery store.

I've never seen so many carb-laden, chemical-laden options in my life. Sure, there was produce, but I am working with only a microwave in my hotel room right now. Urgh!!

We decided to get steam-fresh vegetables, some olives and roasted garlic from the olive bar and Dinosaur BBQ pulled pork that you heat up in the microwave... the Dino BBQ only had one ingredient I wasn't entirely comfortable with, but in the end, it was the least offensive. Almost every ready-to-eat meal had corn syrup or something equally as gross to me in it.

We walked around for SO LONG. In the past, I would have grabbed a pre-made wrap or a microwaveable   burrito and made a meal of it. I am glad I tried harder. My meal filled me up and contained a lot of things (fats, protein, nutrients) that I needed tonight.

Paleo definitely makes me take a second look at my choices... makes me work harder. Makes me wonder "Do I REALLY want to put that in my body?"

I might be in this area of the state for a number of weeks. We are going to come prepared next time and bring our portable grill so we can have whatever meat and vegetables we want for dinner... not rely on the microwave!!

We made do tonight, looking to do better next time :)

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  1. I applaud your commitment to finding something acceptable. I probably would've given up by then. Bravo!