Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breathing easier..

My sickness/exhaustion is almost gone. I feel better bodily (though I am still coughing up mucus on a regular basis, it feels like a clearing out rather than a "ohhh damn, I am so sick" kind of thing). I can breathe better and my chest doesn't feel so heavy. There is less dizziness and weakness, as well.

I am home now. Chris is out in Utica. :(

Still haven't figured out how to maintain happiness levels with this traveling for work thing. It definitely affects our relationship. We get sad. This needs work.

Because of the stress of being sick and missing Chris, I have already eaten my day's calories... and it is only 6 PM! I had too much chocolate and used up calories without filling myself up. Yuck. I know I will be hungry later (I am hungry now), but luckily we got our CSA today, so I will be eating farm fresh salad with almost no oil.

Trying to get back on track here. Definitely had a divergence since the weekend. I have never really coped very well with sickness.... there is little motivation to move or eat well. I did WAY better this time than in the past, though. Also: the sickness was over in about a quarter of the time. I am thankful to my strong and healthy body for helping me through this.

I am going to muster up the energy to get to my dad's house tonight, walk the dog and maybe chill out in the AC and watch some TV till bedtime.

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