Sunday, July 15, 2012

100th Post... my insane weekend

Well, where to start?

First, I will say I am surprised I have made it to 100 posts! This blog is really cathartic for me. I've always loved reading blogs, but now, having one of my own... I feel heard and like I am not alone in this crazy mess!

So, my weekend. This will be a little short and sweet, but I wanted to update. Every year, me and my friends go to a music festival called Camp Bisco. It's basically an electronic music festival (with a few other types of music here and there). It's crazy! We go in Thursday morning, set up camp, and live with 20,000 other people for three nights, seeing music from about noon to 4 AM. 

It's a ton of fun. I love spending that much time with my friends, dancing, hearing new music, meeting new people (especially the weirdos!). 

I will talk about the health-related parts of the weekend, since this is what this blog is mostly about!

First: I felt WHOLLY comfortable in my body this weekend. I am the smallest and fittest I have ever been. I wore next-to-nothing all weekend (tiny dresses, sarongs with nothing underneath (haha), short shorts, etc). This festival is a flesh fest, you see nudity on the regular and all the girls are basically in bikinis or lingerie or whatever sexy outfit they like. It felt nice to not feel out of place this year!

Second, other than drinking vodka drinks as my beverage of choice all weekend, I stayed almost 100% paleo (I had some peanuts on the first night). We ate fruit, fruit, fruit and meat all weekend. It was in the 90s, so the fruit was awesome. We had brought lots of meat to grill and mmm, we did! I resisted all the festival food that is sold, that I usually LOVE (late night burritos, quesadillas, gyros, fries, fried dough!) AND I resisted all the non-paleo food my friends brought (goldfish crackers, cookies, cereal bars with chocolate, buns for burgers, etc). I am surprised I did so well at staying paleo, because I was kind of inebriated and usually that makes my inhibitions go down. Not this time!

Also, I definitely did not overeat. We would wake up, have some kind of breakfast in the morning, then start going to see music for the afternoon. We would rally back at camp for dinner sometime in the evening (which was usually just meat for me!). So two meals during the day, one being very light, with some fruit snacking throughout. Add in the alcohol calories... I still probably stayed under calories everyday.

I didn't INTEND to be at/under calories this weekend.... in fact, mentally, I was ready to indulge a little. But the days were full of laughing, friends, music, dancing and crazy crazy crazy times. Food was almost a non-issue.

Imagine that. Food was just food. Something I ate to keep my body energized so that I could continue to live my life and rage the party :D

Food wasn't the focus. I rarely thought about it (other than when I would wake up and be SO HUNGRY because I hadn't eaten in so long).

I just got to live life this weekend as a normal girl. A girl who wasn't self-conscious of her body. A girl who can dance all night. 

Leaving you with some pictures from the festival to give you an idea of what I saw this weekend (there are just the ones from my phone, too lazy to upload the camera just now!):


The Disco Biscuits :D

Brother's Past!!!

In the dance tent

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  1. You did so well at sticking with your paleo lifestyle during this music festival! And really...that's a true testament to it being a LIFESTYLE and not a diet. :)