Monday, July 2, 2012

Typical weekend: BBQ and hiking

Checking in!

Starting with traveling last week, getting a HUGE tattoo on Friday, a loooong BBQ on Saturday and a 14 mile hike up NY's tallest mountain on Sunday... my weekend has been crazy and exhausting.

I fell asleep when I got home from work today, finally got up, ate some paleo chocolate cake (hahahahaha), cleaned up my life a little, and now am relaxing.

It's been go-go-go-go!

I haven't weighed myself. I plan to be very on point with eating this week, get back to the gym (yoga tomorrow morning!), and settle down. I want to catch up on sleep most of all!

The 14 mile hike went GREAT. I am in good shape, that I know for sure now. I wasn't exhausted at the end, I still had energy, I could hike it all over again today. I love that my body is capable of such long endurance trials, regardless of how much I weigh.

We plan to do a sunrise hike tomorrow night (hike in at night, camp and wake up before the sun rises to see the sunrise on the top of the mountain). So that will be a nice, active start to my 4th of July!! We are going to a BBQ with TONS of meat, so I will at least stay paleo at the BBQ, but I will also try to be reasonable with my calories.

I plan to blog a little better this week, now that everything has calmed down!

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