Saturday, July 21, 2012

125.2 (No Sacrifices!!!)

Love seeing that on the scale. I love that this is working for me. I wish I was more articulate and could clearly convey how much this means to me...

I am eating normally. Normal portions. Good food. It doesn't rule my life.

I am active, every day, for lots of the day. It is as much a part of my life as breathing!

This normalcy is helping me stay at this weight. Eating well is normal. Being active is normal. It's not a struggle. When did this happen???

I want to detail two examples of moments where I realized this has become my life, where "healthiness" isn't a fad or a sacrifice... it is me.

On the food side:

I went to an Indian Buffet with co-workers/friends. In the past, I would have eaten two huge plates and a third smaller plate FILLED with delicious noms. I would have eaten as much as anyone at the table, even the bigger guys. Buffets would trigger insane eating for me, wanting to eat as much as humanly possible.

This time, I was sitting next to a friend who is about 5 foot and 90 pounds (she eats instinctively and stays slender... she eats what she wants, but listens to her body). I ate very similarly to her! I had one normal sized plate of food, then a second plate with four bites of food on it. We both ate till satisfaction, didn't feel bloated or distended after a buffet (a new experience for me).

I felt like I was eating like a "naturally" slender/healthy person. I ate what my body needed, I ate tasty things, but didn't go overboard. I tried to choose paleo options too!

On the activity side:

Like I mentioned, I skipped out on a picnic/wine/play-watching girl's night out that would have kept me out till almost midnight on a work night. I would have eaten after dinner, drank and sat on my but for hours. That's not for me.

Last night, Friday evening, I went out with Chris and four other friends and we did a 15 mile bike ride all over the city, hills and all. We laughed and played and rode around. Active for hours. THAT is the kind of "hanging out" I want to do.. and do! Those are the friends I want to make and keep forever, friends who go bike riding on a Friday night instead of out to the bar.

I love my new normal. I have lots of fun, eat lots of food and laugh lots of laughs. And I don't sacrifice a healthy body for it!!

As a little treat, here is a picture of my crazy dog at the park today:


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  1. I love this post and congratulations! It sounds like you've made it to that place we all want to go.