Friday, July 27, 2012

Hiatus and promises

So there will be radio silence on this blog (or at least only short, sporadic updates) for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow morning!

I am going to a wedding in NYC this weekend and then heading to British Columbia for vacation!

Pretty much super amped about both things :)

I make a promise to myself and to all of you that I will do my best to stay on the right track. I will maintain thoughtfulness and a mostly-paleo diet when it comes to food. I will purposely exercise (whether hiking, campsite yoga, or a quick hotel workout) as much as possible. I will move my body, feed it good fuel, and enjoy being fit and healthy to the fullest.

This vacation is not an excuse to eat, eat, eat. It is not a vacation from living well.

As a reference point, just now I weighed in at 127.5 (that is at 9 PM, after eating dinner and drinking a glass of water!). So I hope to be right around there when I come back :D

On the flip side, I promise to enjoy my vacation, my freedom from worry, and my exploration of a new place COMPLETELY. I will enjoy a beer at the brew pub we are staying at. I will sleep in if the day calls for it. I will be relaxed!

That said, I will sign out for the moment, and wish you all many happy days and smiles!


  1. Have fun!! I will miss your posts!

  2. Have a great time; safe travels! I trust you completely. :)