Sunday, January 13, 2013


Had a great, relaxing weekend at a cabin in the Adirondacks. It's at a college-run rustic resort called Dippikill that you can only use if you are a student or alumni from the university. Love it!

I ate a bunch of wheat products.

I am going to go gluten-free this week, 100%, no cheating. The week after, I think I might go back to paleo, depending how I feel this week. Just as a way to control the processed wheat crap I keep being drawn to!

But, I had a lovely weekend with Chris and feel completely rejuvenated. Ready to get back into the grind tomorrow :)

A few pictures from the weekend, to show you how idyllic my weekend was:

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I hope my trend towards happiness and calmness remains! I have a bunch of painters coming over at different times tomorrow to get more estimates for the painting.... I would like to pay less than 4000 if possible, ha.

Namaste :)

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