Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My food

I was just reading on Norma's blog a point people bring up a lot in the weight-loss world. That you can't out-exercise a bad diet. (with the caveat that it is still vitally important to exercise for your health).

I feel like I am living proof of that. I've been out of the exercise groove for four months now. I am not completely inactive (a few hikes, some skiing, and daily 2 - 3 mile dog walks) but I am not doing a ton of purposeful cardio or strength. I want to. I will. I am just not right now for a variety of stupid and painful reasons (depressed, stressed, too much to do for the house and my dissertation, etc, blah).

And yet, I can control excess fat on my body with my diet. If I am not training my body to be a strong, muscled machine of efficiency, I at least don't have to punish it by throwing a layer or two of fat on it!

Note: I DID actually get some purposeful exercise yesterday, I used the rowing machine I bought and my shoulders hurt today as proof :)

But despite this lack of exercise, I've been RIGHT on track with eating well. It shows. I'm 126 lbs today. 

So, though I would share what I am eating in a given day. This was yesterday:

Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in olive oil and 3 strips of lean turkey bacon

Lunch: Gluten-free cranberry bar from my local co-op and So Delicious almond milk yogurt

Dinner: Homemade chili (buffalo meat, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and mushrooms only) with a slice of gluten free bread

Snacks: half a roasted sweet potato and almonds

This all came out to the mid-1700s for calories for the day.

So, moral of the story for me: even if I manage to convince myself I have excuses for not exercising, I have no excuses for not eating right. I always make time to eat, haha, and I can put good things in when I do that. As I get back into exercising (especially strength training which I miss), it will be so much easier if I don't have extra pounds on my to deal with when I do.

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