Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Down a little..

Down a little, weight-wise, that is. Yesterday was a really good day, ate 1400 calories of meat, veggies, coconut milk yogurt and some gluten free bread.

Today is going to be a very similar day!

Not going to do much exercise today because my throat is still sore and my glands are swollen. But the steps/walk/driveway need to be shoveled and the dog needs to be walked, so I will not just sit in bed all day (as I want to).

I am doing everything I can to make sure this cold-like grossness doesn't turn into full blown flu.. I am worried my immune system is depressed right now fighting the cold (hence the swollen glands) and don't want to be exposed to the flu. Going to stay pretty solitary today to lessen my exposure. I really can't get laid up for a long time!

So, yeah. Things are going.... okay. Not great and not bad. And that's a huge improvement, so I'm pleased.

In non-health related news, Chris and I are thinking about going to Japan for our honeymoon. It will be expensive, but I think so worth it. I have been dying to go to Japan since I was an anime-geek teenager (ohhhh if you only knew me in those days, hahaha).

We need to do a lot of research and, I think, find a travel agent or a tour package that fits us.... I don't want to have to stress out a lot on my honeymoon, I'd prefer to relax but still have an adventure! My brother is helping us pay for the honeymoon as our wedding present, so I want to be a little luxurious for once :)

Have a good day, everyone, stay healthy and happy!

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