Thursday, January 10, 2013

Left my heart out there!

I skied my FACE off today. I left everything on the mountain, all my energy and all my passion. I didn't hold anything back.

I had new boots which FINALLY gave me the confidence to really, really ski hard. I went into the glades (tree skiing) four times, skied two black diamond runs, and skied 5 hours straight without a break. I went hard and fast and loved every exhausting second of it. I skied faster than I have in the previous three seasons of skiing. ALL ON MY FIRST DAY OF THE SEASON! Yeah!

I came home and immediately fell asleep for an hour :D

We left the dog at home, and he was alone for 9 hours and completely fine. It felt great to be able to trust him. Gives me hope for the future.

Me 'n Chris :)

Tree skiing!

Gorgeous blue sky day

Seriously beautiful, I needed this <3

Happy and excited on our last run!

I feel great and energized and exhausted all at the same time :D

I needed to get out there and use my body and remember I am still young and full of life and this isn't all over now... it's just changed.

I hope I can look at this post when I get down and remember there are good times. Really good times.