Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Chris is gone again for the week. Looks like this will be our winter, spring, summer, etc.... usually, he gets a break from traveling. But a lot of nonsense at his work (which used to be my work) means he is going to be gone, a lot.

Tough. Tough, tough, tough.

I don't know how people do it: army wives, or wives of truckers, etc, etc.

I love him and want him here. Life is precious. Every day he is not here is a day we will never get back. It makes me very, very sad. So sad it is hard to focus on what I SHOULD be doing (writing, prepping for class, fixing the house, working out).

I'm going to try my best to not make these days complete wastes, though. I will try to do what I should be doing. It is worth it, in the end.

January has felt like a wasted month... I've been recovering, for sure. I don't feel so stressed or freaked out as I did in December. But I also haven't gotten a ton accomplished. I feel bad about that.

What if-s, what if-s, what if-s. Eh.

Weight is still stable. Going to go walk the dog, eat an egg-veggie scramble, figure out how to live, go to a meeting for being on unemployment, and then...??

Hope there is light in your life <3


  1. Chin up and keep moving forward. Sorry things are rough....

  2. Just wanted to say hi and hang in there.