Friday, January 25, 2013

Shaking things up

Workmen are coming to my house today. It's wall paper removal time. Whew. WHEW. I am so excited and nervous. I'm almost trembling. Changing my childhood house is hard. It's looked a certain way for 30 years. It's hard.

But it is time to make it ours. To fill it with light and love and new energy. I just took the before pictures with my nice camera. I will make a post to show you the before and after when it's all done. I think it is going to be amazing (regardless of the work that gets done, the befores are pretty dismal!).

Well, anyway, men are going to be coming into the house. That feels weird, too. I put the dog into daycare so he doesn't bother them while they are working. They will be all up in my kitchen!! I prepped meals so all I have to do is heat them up in the microwave and not bother the guys too much.

It feels strange to have strangers in my house!

Well, I'll get over it. And it's a week of work. And then... NEW HOUSE. New, bright, warm, different house to start new in.

I am thinking this is going to do wonders for my state of mind :)

Other good news: last night a family friend messaged me to offer me tickets to a sold out Trey Anastasio concert that's happening on Saturday for FREE! So... an awesome night out seeing music with all my friends (who bought tickets) for free?!?! I feel blessed :) :) It was just such a nice, random thing that happened that reminded me there is lots of goodness out there in this world. It felt so great to know someone was thinking of me, the music I like, etc. 

Smiling today, despite being a little nervous about the work getting done. 

Namaste! Stay healthy, body and mind, friends.

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