Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hanging out at 129... definite upwards trend since December, with some fluctuations.

I use an iPhone app to track my food and there is ALSO a trend of eating 60-65% carbs this month.

I need to get back to the 50% carbs and more proteins/fats. My body responded super well to that. I felt fuller when I was eating more protein. I just plain ate BETTER food when I was more focused on proteins.

My carbs are coming from worse sources. Most of last year, my carbs came from veggies and sweet potatoes. Now: treats. Not great.

I know the problems. I am not blind or ignorant to it.

I see how people get stuck in these bad cycles.

I am intelligent, I have strength, I have been through this all before.

And still: I am gaining weight.

I feel exasperated at myself. I promised myself I would be totally gluten free this week to make sure I take wheat out of my diet. Yesterday was good. Today is good so far. A day at a time, a good decision at a time, not much else I can do.

This cold is still here today, but not worse. Just an itchy/sore throat and general malaise. Still got out to take the dog for a walk this morning, so I feel good about that. More water and chilling out today, though.

Namaste :)

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