Thursday, January 3, 2013

Losing the weight, not buying into comfort

My weight is down today, lost some of the bloat from the holidays by sticking to meat and veggies since New Years Eve. It's such a simple equation.

I finally did some stuff to the house today.. Took down old decorations, organized stuff for an eventual yard sale. Next step is tackling the FIFTEEN tupperwares of Christmas decorations, blehhhhh. This stuff is too emotional. But everyone keeps telling me that's just life. I think I had things pretty easy up till now. I'm repaying karma for all those nice times.

So, losing the physical weight if depression and working in losing the emotional weight. That last one will be harder, but I'm chipping away at it.

Reading blogs is pretty intense this time of year... A lot of people ate admitting their yearly gains and taking different paths with dealing with it.

I'm grateful I'm starting this year lighter than how I started it last year. My goal is to be a FEW lbs lighter this time next year... I'm around 125-127 right now. 120-122 would be great... It's not a tough goal, but it will require work. When I take a leisurely attitude towards health and fitness, my weight creeps up to 130.

And I won't buy into that bullshit that my body is "comfortable" at 130. No. It's just easier to be that weight because I can eat more food and be less active... That's only laziness.

Ate eggs, veggies, turkey bacon, ground chicken, more veggies and almonds today. I will round the night off with sweet potato soup. Simple, simple, simple.

The simplicity of the equation really has become apparent to me in 2012. There is no reason for obese people to gain ten or more lbs... Comfort shouldn't be a goal. Life is not comfortable... It is messy and crazy and tough.

I know I won't be comfortable this year: unemployed, a house to completely do over, a crazy dog to manage, a wedding to plan........ But if this isn't about being comfortable, I am going to make it about doing it right.


  1. Totally agree with you about not accepting a weight you know is "easy" rather than "right;" however, if you have to really kill yourself to maintain at 120, that that weight isn't "right" either. At your "right" weight, you're eating clean, eating plenty, have abundant energy, emotions are in check, food is fuel, exercise is enjoyable and challenging. If that ends up being a lean 125 with some nice muscle on you, so be it. ;)

    You do have a lot more on your plate than you bargained for, but as your older and wiser friend who's been through her own mill of having life throw some nasty curveballs at her head, just plant your weight on your right foot, keep your eye on the ball, step into that swing and knock that shit out of the park.

    1. I definitely agree with you Norma.... right now, I am a few pounds heavier because I am more comfortable eating chocolate or having drinks than not. And I know that's not a good place to be!!!

      I maintained in the low 120s so easily when I was in a good mental space... I want to be there again!

  2. Ditto to Norma's reply. She said it so well...