Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sitting this one out..

So, Chris and about half of the people I know are skiing right now. On gorgeous snow, wooshing down the mountain in great temperatures, spiking their adrenaline and having a blast.

I'm sitting at home, feeding the animals breakfast, getting ready to run errands. :P

We have a dog, who I can't leave for 10-11 hours a day, and who I can't afford to board all the time (especially on top of the price of a lift ticket!!!). We have responsibilities. It was a nice long run, that freedom, that extended childhood. Damn, I miss it. It compounds my depressed state, for sure.

Everyone is going to a cabin to party after the mountain. I am making a compromise to at least see my friends: I am going to catch a ride up in the middle of the day to the cabin, say hi to everyone, sit and chat and probably have some wine, and then come back home with Chris.

It's not skiing, but at least I will get to feel social. We go to this winter extravaganza every year, get in two or three days of skiing and party all night as well. It feels.... sad to miss out this year.

My weight is still down, just by a few bits of a pound, but I like that, still. I am on the right track, hovering around 126 now. I won't ruin that by overdoing it on wine tonight!!

Off I go, taking care of what needs to be taken care of... -_-


  1. It sucks having to sit things out, but sometimes we just have to. :) Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. I'm sure you've debated but have you considered finding doggie a new home? It seems that it really just doesn't fit your lifestyle and I'm sure there's someone who'd love to have him.

    1. I have thought and thought and thought about it, ugh. We always planned to make this change... to get a dog in a few years, settle down, have some kids, etc. It just happened ALL OF A SUDDEN, and I am tied down. But I would feel like a selfish jerk for getting rid of him so I could go play... when I planned to settle down in a few years anyway. I just am having a hard time mentally adjusting to the sudden loss of freedom :( I always planned on having it be MY choice.