Friday, January 4, 2013

Emotional/Catching up on sleep

I was pretty emotional yesterday, when I wrote that last post. I so want things to be okay, I feel like I can FORCE them to be okay.

And, as I have detailed in past posts, when things have gotten out of control in the past, so has my body. So I feel like if I can maintain my weight and my health... it's a sign that things are okay.

Things will be okay. I know that logically. I will get SOME things done in my life, some things accomplished. I (hopefully) won't end up broke and having to sell the home. The dog will (and is!) get better behaved.

But, yeah, emotional. Mostly mindless babble.

It looks like I am catching up on sleep that I missed out on in the past three months. I've slept 11 hours each of the past two nights (yikes!). That's a lot. But, wow, do I feel rested when I wake up in the morning. Next week, I will have to start setting an alarm to make sure I wake up after about 9 hours of sleep so that I don't lose almost half of each day right off the bat.

It was so cold here yesterday, I only managed a 20 minute walk with the dog all day.... I was shivering and almost in pain from the cold! Yuck. Today is much better, so the little guy will get more exercise today.

I used to love the winter (it meant weekly ski trips with Chris!)... but now that we lack money and lack freedom (the dog, urg).... skiing isn't really an option much anymore. So, I kind of hate the winter this year. It's pretty awful. I want spring, so I don't have to bundle up in 20 layers just to go on a walk.

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