Friday, February 1, 2013

Making plans for success, Superbowl Weekend

Chris and I thought to go skiing on Superbowl day, because the mountains are generally pretty quiet, what with everyone getting their insane gorge-fests ready for the big game.

But money is definitely an issue. Especially if we end up using some savings on the honeymoon of our dreams. So, no skiing for us this weekend.

BUT. Another reason I wanted to go skiing was so that we were doing something active and not being tempted by bacon cheese potatoes and creamy dips. I love hanging out with my friends and there is a party being hosted.... but I really hate this weird "holiday" of watching other people play sports while we get just a little fatter. In the end, I don't feel good about myself during any Superbowl party I've ever gone to.

Now that we are not going skiing, we thought about hitting up the party. .... It's not what I want, though. I don't think we will go. Chris and I talked over our options and decided that taking the dog up north and going for a nice hike and eating a healthy dinner at home is really what we want. It's what's going to make us feel good about ourselves this weekend - bonding with the dog, using our bodies, not shoveling crap in our mouths.

It's hard. I want to be social. I love being social! I really, really like my friends here in Albany. It's hard to not go to a big gathering where everyone will be there.

It's time though, time to make the decisions that make my soul and body feel good and strong.

My friends aren't going anywhere. Missing watching a football game isn't a big deal, I know that.

I'm glad Chris and I are setting ourselves up for success. We need to get on OUR game :)


  1. Great choice! You, Chris and the dog will be happier for it! :)

  2. It is so unfortunate that "socializing" has come to = overeating, overdrinking. Food (and not a salad with a piece of chicken + a bottled water) seems to be a necessary element of every get-together. If being around people who are overindulging for the SuperBowl is not conducive to your mental state and is going to make you feel left out/deprived (or make you feel like, well, what the heck, I can have a little), it is better all around for you not to be there. We have 20 people coming over for UFC on Saturday night and my kitchen will be full of pizza, chips and dip, all kinds of appetizers, etc. I'll be drinking water....that's the way it goes. :) Enjoy your weekend with the person & dog you love and feel good about yourself on Monday morning, Jeanette. How's the painting?