Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wanting my routine back!

I cannot wait for this painting to be finished. I want my normal routine back! I loved what I had set up for myself:

Leisurely breakfast in the morning of eggs and veggies
Hour long walk with the dog
Home time to work on either my dissertation or class
Small lunch whenever I felt hungry
Stretching/Yoga while watching a show
More work time/House cleaning time
Then dinner into dog and Chris time!

It's all kind of twisted around now. Especially with the dog not here. I really miss him. I realized, once he was gone all week at daycare and not around the house with me.... I missed him and I really, really loved him. I am glad I didn't get rid of him in the early months of my grief/depression. He was grieving, too. We've settled in to our life and it is FAR from perfect, but hey, what is?

Eating wasn't great yesterday because I let about 8 hours go between breakfast and lunch... and I was SO hungry, nothing seemed to satiate me. So I overate at dinner and ate cheese at a friend's house later. Ugh.

Not the end of the world. This is coming to an end. My routine will be back shortly! And now that I have been adding in some really good, purposeful exercise, I've got more than high hopes :)

Other life news: I've decided to have a housewarming/thank you party in early March (which coincides with my birthday, actually!). I want to welcome all my friends to my house and thank them for all their help this past year.

I have... never thrown a party like this before. We've had dinner parties with 4-8 people there. General college type drinking parties where all I did was buy some chips and wine. But I REALLY want to say thank you. I want to have delicious food for everyone (and mostly paleo type food if I can do it!) and have music and a clean house and places to sit and chill, etc. I'm nervous and excited :) I am expecting about 50 people. AYIYI!

So, yeah, things and stuff are happening. Health and happiness are priorities. Life is progressing and I am starting to remember that I love it :)



  1. I'm loving the hope and positivity I'm hearing in this post. Once you have your routine back, I'm sure you'll be a lot happier.

    1. I'm having MANY more days of positivity and happiness :) The sadness still hits, but it's all surrounded by warmth and hope!

  2. I would *love* to go to any party with decently healthy food. It would be like a dream! Way to go!!