Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Practical vs. Dreamer sides of me: trip to Japan

The bed is so warm and cozy, I am blogging from it as we speak :)

I drank wine last night with Chris, so my weight is up and I feel a little bloated. Ah, well. Exercise is on the docket for today as my muscles feel TONS better... still sore, but not "oh god I can't walk down the stairs" sore anymore. Just pleasantly sore.

Tons of stuff going on in my life, so much stuff that I am having a hard time sleeping for all the demanding thoughts whirling around my brain. It's not all bad stuff... actually, very little of it is bad stuff.

I would say the bad stuff that is occupying me right now is finances and frustration with the painters I hired.

Good stuff: wedding planning, bridesmaid dress shopping, planning our honeymoon, school work.

I am nervous to finalize the honeymoon. It's a ton of money, but my brother is paying half as our wedding present. Once in a lifetime trip to Japan... seeing Mt. Fuji, staying in a ryokan, biking through rice fields, seeing snow monkeys at the hot springs, eating REAL sushi, etc, etc. We would be going to places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Matsumoto, Nagano and a few other little out of the ways towns.

I am nervous because I don't feel I have any right to spend so much money on a trip. But I have saved my whole life for a down payment on a house... and now we don't need to put a down payment on a house. I have a bunch of money that I spent 15 years saving.... I should not feel guilty about spending it on something like this. It's my one life, I don't have to spend the whole time squirreling away money in Albany, NY. I should go see and live and do.

(that little nagging, super practical side of me does not approve of the above paragraph! ... saying I wouldn't be worrying about finances in other parts of my life if I just don't go on a trip, duh)

This isn't putting us into the poor house, though. I will still have some savings after I pay for the trip (it's a guided trip that includes all lodging and transportation and activity fees, etc). And it's our honeymoon! So.... I think I am going to do it. Maybe today! We will see, I am still nervous.

Namaste, friends... live it up :)


  1. Memories are an incomparable investment, Jeanette. I am also loathe to spend money unnecessarily, but it's JAPAN! You're right: once in a lifetime opportunity, you can afford it, and it's partially a gift. This is not something you'll be able to do if you have kids; not for a longggggg think of it that way! One of our friends just came back after 18 months as an exchange student in Japan and he plans to go back as soon as he can. It's got to be an amazing place and this is something you & Chris will talk about forever.

  2. We get just one life - and it can be a fragile thing. So, for my two pennyworth... forget about the $$ for a while. Go to Japan with a clear heart and enjoy it... every single moment. You'll bring back a hoard of wonderful memories, and they are priceless!