Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My day; Muscle Pain; Article

Up early today because I am watching a friend's kid for them for the morning. I normally don't babysit (haven't since I was 18 or 19!) but this kid will be relatively easy, I hope. He's four and precocious and will do all the talking and all the playing for me. I probably will just have to sit with him and push some cars around.

Ate a big breakfast to tide me over till after noon so that I don't snack on any of his little kid snacks!

Going to hit up the farmer's market on the way home! We don't have a lot of veggies in the house right now. I like to buy what is on sale at the supermarket.... and no veggies have been on sale for two weeks!! So it's been pretty much peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes only for two weeks. Time to switch it up, get something a little more green in our diet.

Not a ton of exciting stuff happening to me other than that (not that babysitting and the farmer's market is exciting, haha). One thing I am living with right now: some weird muscle cramp/pain in my neck and shoulder. I can't turn my head right without some pretty intense pain. It happened after my little body weight strength workout last night.... I am sure I tweaked something. Chris tried to massage it out, but that was a no go. Took some aspirin this morning and we will see!

Leaving you with another article like the last one. This one also is a complete list of foods I do *not* bring into my house anymore. I do eat some of them super rarely (like I am sure there was a time last year a friend made microwave popcorn and I ate it, or I had white rice at an Asian restaurant.... but we do 90% of our eating at home, and I usually pick better options when we do go out now).

Nine Foods You Should Never Eat Again

Alright, hope all you lovely people have a great day and pursue some health and happiness :)


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