Friday, February 15, 2013

Article I found interesting..

Obviously, this article was interesting to me because it sums up some of the facts about foods I have *already* cut out of my life. And cut out of my life, I mean these foods do not exist in our home. However, I have been known to eat a cookie or crackers at a friend's house which are sure to break my rules (which is why we are trying to go back to paleo so we can more easily turn down those snacks).

Four Foods to Avoid if You Want to Eat Healthy

The foods: white sugar, white flour, dairy, trans fats.

Chris and I gave up these foods early on in our eating healthy quest. And not because an article or study or doctor said so.

We gave them up because we could see direct correlations between eating refined sugar, white flour, dairy products and processed oils (trans fats) and just feeling plain old crappy.

I'd drink milk and have intestinal upset.

I'd eat white flour products and get itchy.

Trans fat and I'd feel inflamed and bloaty.

Even when we don't eat paleo all the time, we still rarely eat those four foods. They barely feel like real food to me, as if I am not getting any nutrition and actually doing harm to my body. When I eat something with refined sugars or flours, I immediately get a rash (similar to hives) on my back and legs. That's inflammation.

And if I can see the inflammation so clearly when my body gets a dose of those foods when it was mostly clear of them to start with.... well, it makes me think about the fact that when I was eating them all the time, overwhelming my body with them, the inflammation was rampant... seen in bloating, weight gain, rashes, poor skin and who knows what inside me, in my organs.

And I will end this conversation with: This is about me, my body and what foods work for me!! Not telling anyone else they HAVE to give up those foods. Just throwing out an anecdote of what works for me (and since I've maintained 122-127 pounds for almost a year since really getting rid of those foods in our day to day life, I feel more certain than ever!).

I guess this is why people read blogs, for anecdotal evidence and life stories.... I know I did that when I was first interested in weight loss, and I took little pieces of different people's strategies to make a plan that worked for me.

Also: just generally good to chew on new information!

Life is going well for me today, not much to report, actually, since it has been going so well! I have a little congestion in my nasal passages, but nothing major.

Namaste :)


  1. I've found the same success with eliminating foods based on how I felt after I eat them. I love how eliminating thing like dairy not only keeps my tummy feeling good, my sinuses clear and my sleep more restful. Wheat , grains, beans, bananas, too.

    I call it my food template and I base it on how my body feels.

    The real bow on top of this gift is that the same foods that work well for my body inflammatory wise are the same foods that keep me stable in weight maintenance.

    Glad you found foods that make you well and help with weight maintenance. Good stuff. :)

  2. I find that after eating dairy I feel so rubbish, may have to look into paleo some more.