Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good mood, good plans.

This weekend was awesome. We didn't leave the city! We got hours and hours of time to get the house and our lives in check. I got to relax insanely deeply. It feels incredible.

We completely renovated another room (my dad's old TV room which is actually a lovely converted porch with HUGE windows). Chris ripped out the carpet, scraped up old paint that was on the tiles, threw out the old furniture, changed the decorations and turned it into a lovely sunroom for music, plants, and hiking books/maps. I love it!

I also finally slept into today for the first time in a long time. Till 9 AM! Doesn't seem like much, but that changed my whole outlook on the day. I am excited to get going now :) My last dream before I woke up was of Jared Leto (as current day 30 Seconds to Mars headman, not as Joey Catalano, haha) and, well, that put me in a great mood too :)

Things are going well! I am at 125 lbs, so right where I would like to be (though goal is about 4 lbs lighter... I will take 125 anytime).

I wasn't perfect with eating this weekend, I had Indian take-out when friends came over on Saturday and drank wine two nights. But I tried to keep portions sane and not over-do it. Also, aside from those slip-ups, the rest of my food has been proteins (either lean meats or eggs) and veggies. My body has all the healthy fuel it could want! I also have stayed very active... continue my yoga and body-weight strength training in my home. This morning another hour long dog-walk is about to occur.

I know I found a great place to maintain.

At 125, if I stay moderately active and do a little strength training AND eat 85% paleo (allowing for not great choices like Indian take out and wine)... I maintain. It feels good. Finding a place I have maintained weight through all the stress and depression feels great. I realize now, that no matter what happens in life, I will never go back to obesity.

But, with a wedding coming up this year... I do want BETTER :) I want more muscle tone, I want a smaller waist. The wedding is 7 months away... and I am going to transition every month towards what I want. I will eat more and more paleo every month, I will drink less and less wine!, I will work out more and more (planning to get back to the gym soon, maybe when I get my tax return and have some extra money!).

Well, enough talking and time to get to it! A walk and breakfast of eggs scrambles with mushrooms/tomatoes/peppers/onions :)

Namaste <3

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling good! You DESERVE to feel this good always!!