Saturday, February 2, 2013

Painting frustration

Soooo... a painting update. I haven't been mentioning it on the blog for a while because it is frustrating me and making me crazy and I am *trying* to have a generally more positive outlook, haha.

I hired painters so that this would NOT be a headache (because painting three huge rooms, their ceilings and all the trim would definitely give me a headache). Thousands of dollars to get a perfect job done without the hassle.

Tons of hassle, tons of headaches.

It's been two weeks and not a drop of paint has gone up on the wall! They did take down the wallpaper, but they kept canceling the first week, didn't show up AND didn't call ahead one day this week, and canceled another day this week. And when they did come to work, it was only for about 4 hours.

My house is a wreck and it is draggggggging out. :P

Also, I put Koda in daycare when they come so that they can work without a 75 lb German Shepherd all up in their business. So twice he has gone to daycare when they didn't even show up (ugh... waste of money and bonding time). I just wish they would come and work a full 8 hour day and get it done fast.

They quoted me a ONE week time frame and we are going into week three with no paint even bought yet (they haven't asked me what colors I want yet even!... I keep trying to tell them and nothing).

Sooooo.... I am putting on my smile and my niceties but I am pissed. I am making them pay for the doggy daycare for each day that I put him into daycare and they didn't let me know (or let me know way too late.... like 10:30 in the morning). I was firm that I need to know by 7:30 if they are coming or not so I have time to get him to daycare.


Hoping the results are worth it!! I hate looking at all the gross, unwallpapered walls, no decorations up, things pushed all around. A cluttered house really makes me go crazy!

But that's that.

Tomorrow, I am going to hike with Koda and a bunch of friends :) So that solves my social problem!! I'm glad I know people who would rather hike than eat and watch TV!

Hope your weekend is fun, healthy and warm :)


  1. Oh man, I'd be pissed too! Good luck. Have a great hike, that sounds fun!

  2. Contractors, painters, etc - always a hassle. Hope you enjoyed your hike!