Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letting things get to me

I went into full out melt down mode yesterday. I let someone else completely ruin my day. I didn't even leave the house.... even though we were supposed to go try on tuxes for Chris for our wedding (canceled the appointment) and all my friends were having a drink just down the street that would have been easy to pop into.

No. Instead, I completely wasted a day and was sad, stressed, anxious and generally upset.

Now, mind you: I am generally pretty stressed/depressed every day but I hold on by a thread and keep it together and get through every day usually pretty well. Then this happened:

The painters came to "finish" yesterday. We are on our FOURTH week of a one week project. My house had been in disarray for weeks. I've been missing my dog as he is away for weeks for them to do the work. 

They only had to paint the trim yesterday.


They smeared paint EVERYWHERE. I cannot fully explain to you how awful it looks. There are drips and smears of white paint (the trim is all white) on every single wall, in the middle of the walls! And, every single piece of trim... they smeared the paint up and down, like kindergartners. Some pieces of trim, they just didn't paint the side pieces. They painted my windows WHILE THEY WERE SHUT so that when we open them, the bottom two inches are old, yellowed paint.... uh.

It looks wretched. Not only did they mess up the trim, but they messed up all their previous work, as well.

I told them about it, and they left.

I called their boss, he seemed unconcerned.

Finally, I had Chris call their boss.

He is coming today.

And I still feel like nothing will ever look nice in this house.

Why am I paying someone thousands of dollars to cause me stress and do a bad job for A MONTH!!! I wanted to hire someone so that I would be unstressed and the job would be nice and go quickly. It's insane. I feel insane.

Chris and I then had a big argument, because he thinks I'm overreacting. I'm not overreacting... I am just tired of this. I am angry at these people. I feel taken advantage of. I'm overwhelmed. I am stressed enough and tired enough and sad enough without someone I am PAYING adding to that.

So, yeah, lots of stress last night. It completely physically affected me. I'm exhausted even after sleeping.

And Chris and I were supposed to do our Valentine's date today, we were going out to eat in NYC and then seeing Mumford and Sons in Brooklyn. I am completely not in the mood for it as I type this. I am going to try to get happier... we will see.


  1. You cannot be in a bad mood with Mumford & Sons on the horizon!!!!

    Do not pay the painters a cent until they fix their work. That is the good thing about bad paint jobs...they can be fixed.

    You've been walking this tightrope for a long time, mon ami. The occasional breakdown is to be expected. We cannot control everything that happens, we can only control our reaction to it.

    Now go stomp your feet to some shitkickin' Irish music.

  2. Wow! Sorry that your painters are sucking at the job. Good luck with getting everything taken care of. I hope your feel better and your day gets brighter.

  3. Anyone that's ever owned a home has had experience with that. A year from now, when all is said & done and when the house is exactly the way you want it to look, you'll look back on this & wonder why the heck you allowed it to get under your skin. And then you'll probably laugh about it with Chris. Hang in, it does get better.