Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lovely day :)

I went skiing today. Felt great to be outside, sun on my face (in the morning only, then the clouds rolled in!), the wind, the snow. I am definitely not skiing as much as in years past to save money, time and energy, but wow - I really like being outside, being athletic, feeling speed and freedom!

We went to a very quiet mountain. Bromley is a smaller mountain 10 miles away from a very big, resort mountain, which means it stays relatively uncrowded and the people are very chill. We actually ended the day early (so Koda wouldn't have to hold his pee for more than 9 hours!) partly because the mountain was so quiet, we skied a TON even before noon. Usually there is a lot more waiting in line and working your way through crowds. So we ended around 2 and I feel good and relaxed now :)

We packed an awesome lunch, as well, so we didn't have to buy from the cafeteria. Though we did end up with a gluten free treat. Which I said I wouldn't do anymore, but I did. I was super hungry at lunch time. Still going to stick to not buying any gluten free treats for the house.

I let Chris know I am interested in getting really serious about eliminating junky, snacky foods that we tend to eat at friends' houses and getting back on the paleo-bandwagon which worked so well for us. He is on board :)

So, yeah, I plan to get back to my paleo success roots, aside from the one loaf of bread a week we buy (it's rice flour-based, very few ingredients, and made locally.... there are also only about 5 servings per loaf, so between Chris and I, we aren't eating that much of it). I definitely have seen that rice, especially brown rice, doesn't seem to affect my digestive system like wheat and wheat products do. So I will not completely eliminate it from my life!

Got some plans, life messes them up, but got to keep plugging away :)


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  1. So cool! That looks like fun---and so beautiful!