Monday, February 11, 2013

Skiing and the need to go paleo

Had a pretty great weekend, the monster blizzard storm didn't really affect daily life around here except for the need to shovel, we did lots of really easy and chill hanging out with friends on Friday and Saturday, and went skiing on Sunday!

Skiing was really fun, Chris and I skied from the second we got there and got our boots on (about 8:40 AM) to the moment the lifts closed (4 PM)! We were with a different group of people than we have been going with lately, and their style doesn't really fit ours... we like to ski hard, all day. We usually take a 15 minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon, but NO breaks between 12 and 1 because that is when all the children hit up the lodge for lunch... so it means the mountain is super quiet! This group did a lot of hanging around, mid-slope, and took a lunch at noon. Chris and I decided we did so much hanging around with the group during the day, we weren't going to take a break at all in order to get in the most amount of skiing we possibly could.

It was a crowded day at Stratton, but the conditions were nice, and I did some of the best skiing I've done in a long time -- had to put my skills to use on a super icy, narrow, steep mogul course I accidentally ended up having to do. People were gathering at the top, worrying about how to ski it. One person at a time would go (because it was so narrow) and many of them would fall.. I hate being watched by people at the top on a very hard course, but I sucked it up, told myself I had the skills and went for it! I was super proud at how I maneuvered on the ice and over the bumps. Chris was waiting for me at the bottom to congratulate me on how well I did it. Good feelings :)

Afterwards, we went for sushi - I had a miso soup, one small veggie spring roll, and one and a half rolls of sushi. Not too much food, really enjoyed the way my body felt after eating the raw fish (I could almost feel the healthy fats get into my exhausted body, haha!).

Koda has been an EXCELLENT dog all weekend. We asked someone to check in on him while we went skiing because we'd be gone for 12 hours, but the person forgot (augh!)... however, Koda was a perfect angel at home!! No accidents, nothing destroyed, and we came home to a sleepy, happy puppy :)

So, a very nice weekend for us. We had a conversation where Chris feels that he will never be as fit as he was last spring (when we were paleo and working out all the time) but I reminded him that he is not even a whole year older than he was then.... and all we have to do is what we did last spring! Go paleo and workout -- make it a priority. We drank significantly less, ate significantly better and were super active (Chris is super active... he has an active job and hikes with Koda nights and weekends, but food is a big issue).

I want us both to be as fit as last spring. We deserve to feel that good about ourselves. It is going to take some serious MENTAL work (we were in such a good mental place last spring... felt so positive, so full of potential and life.... my dad's death and the resulting changes have really done some damage, which we are slowly repairing). We need to get our heads back in the game so that we treat our bodies as well as they deserve.

I want us to feel like rockstars at our wedding :D

I want us to love ourselves and each other as much as possible.

I have a feeling we will be going paleo very soon. And it will have to be strict, or else we will find ourselves eating bread and cheese at a friend's house within days, haha. We still buy almost exclusively paleo food (except for a weekly loaf of gluten free bread)... its the restaurants and the social times we need to be strict with.

Hope everyone is recovering from the winter storm here in the North East, hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend. Namaste :)

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  1. I found the structure of the Whole30 challenge to be a great jumpstart back into a paleo diet. Really helped to get the mindset that you need to do paleo. And it's only for 30 days!