Monday, February 4, 2013

Mechanical Bull > Workout > Hike = how I spent the Superbowl Weekend

I am not generally one who raises a stink about holidays, commercialization, etc, etc.

BUT Superbowl Sunday is NOT a holiday!!! I'm glad I didn't treat it like one. It was a normal weekend, where I did normal weekend things and didn't shovel crap into my mouth.

My other problem with Superbowl Sunday: I hate watching sports. And I really hate what a big deal we make about watching sports in Western culture (football, baseball, soccer, whatever). Making time to watch one or dozens of games a week seems so silly to me. Purposely planting yourself on your couch to watch other people be great athletes? Strange. If you love the sport, go play it! Then I could understand spending time watching other people play, I guess.

The Olympics, I can understand... it's every four years, it's the best of the best of human athleticism. But every freaking week? Several times a week?

I'm lost there.

Anyway, I am obviously not a football fan, or a sports watching fan, but that's me and I know I am in the minority. It will never make sense to me, sorry!!!

So, anyway, I made the decision, since I do not care about the game at all and don't want to get a little fatter while watching other people excel, I didn't go to the Superbowl Party most of my friends were at. Just couldn't do it.

Sunday was spent hiking 6 miles in the Adirondacks, in pretty deep snow!, with another couple and Koda :) It was super fun and we were all tuckered out afterwards! Chris made us a delicious meal of some pork sausages and sweet potatoes afterwards.

The day before, I did a typical workout in my house I would have done last year, when I was on top of my game. Lots of squats, lunges, rowing machine, free weight work and some yoga poses as stretches. Was pretty sore on Sunday for the hike. Now, on Monday, super sore. My quads are screaming!!!

Still weighing in at 126 today. I didn't eat great Wed/Thur/Fri of last week... meaning I definitely overate at dinner each night. So I am glad the super healthy weekend kept me on track. Chris is home this weekend and we are both dedicated to eating clean and primal this week.

I will leave you with some pictures:

Me, riding a mechanical bull! I did pretty well, actually... all those years of horseback riding paid off :D

And here are some shots from the hike:

Successful, healthy, active weekends usually lead into the weekdays following being very similar :)

Namaste, hope I didn't offend anyone with my hatred of sports watching!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I went to a party yesterday, but kept it reasonable food-wise and didn't drink. I also went for a 10 mi bike ride before to give myself a cushion "just in case". I get where you're coming from (kinda) with watching sports, but I enjoy it lol. To each their own right? I don't park myself on the couch every Sunday to watch, but Superbowl is Superbowl :)
    Your hike looks amazing. Have a great week! Keep up the momentum.

  2. That mechanical bull looks like so much fun!!!

    I'm with you - not too much into watch sports.....definitely not football. We did not watch the game, we did not attend any parties. In fact, I was in bed at 9pm after consuming about 1400 quality calories for the day ;)

  3. Wahoo! Sounds like a great weekend!

  4. You look like you had so much fun! I watched the game, great game, but no crazy food gorgefest here. You look like a pro on that bull. ;-)