Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating health and love :)

No big Valentine's Day plans today since we got to have a dinner out and see Mumford and Sons in the city on Tuesday!!

However, I will be making a nice paleo meal with Chris tonight to celebrate love and health - elk burgers (no buns), peas and sauteed mushrooms, and roasted sweet potatoes!

Chris and I are attempting to get back to where we were with eating. So we made a rule to follow: no wheat products at all, not even at social events!! No nibbling on crackers or  cookies, etc. We were put to the test last night when our friends put out a cheese and cracker spread, all sorts of store bought cookies, etc - we ate some of the cheese and shrimp and sausage. But stuck to our rule, which is a good step. We want to be in control again!

My other rule is no gluten free "treats." They sell so many awesome gluten free baked goods at our local co-op and I'll usually get some for the week. No more. I am going to buy ONE loaf of gluten free bread (it's a really awesome bread made by a local bakery with very few ingredients) per week for the both of us.

So the rules are really geared towards 95% of our diet being paleo, which works so well for us. We just naturally eat better food on that plan. We eat whole foods, mostly. We don't do a ton of "recipes" to make things look like non-paleo food. We just cook up meat and veggies and eat our fruits and nuts and there we are.

I want us to both feel healthy, fit, strong and sexy sooner than later. I want us to be proud of ourselves :)

We needed to get to a place where we weren't exhausted all the time, physically and emotionally, to start this eating regime. A little over four months out now, and things just aren't as hard as they were.. we still get sad and overwhelmed, but not as much, it's not crippling.

It is definitely time to put life back on the path we wanted... the path we WERE on before all this happened!

The painting is done, by the way (sooooo happy) but I am not going to take pictures till the curtains are up to complete the look :)


What this means for me: I have my dog back!!!!! Yay! And I am about to go take an hour walk with him to start BOTH of our days off right. I am excited.

Namaste, enjoy your Valentine's Day!


  1. Yay on the paint job! Have a great day, Jeanette; your dinner sounds awesome!

  2. Good for you! People often don't realize what a difference healthy food makes on their energy level. Enjoy your dinner. It sounds delicious.