Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good choices, Finding balance (on the road)

My little road trip turned out wonderfully! I got to get some quality time with Chris' sister and her family. It was also exceptionally lovely to spend time in Providence. It's a cute little city! Much more of a city than Albany, but not too big like NYC (which is the other city where we spend the most time).

Now, my last post was about how I have overcome fear and anxiety and CAN go on trips like this and feel confident about it. And I totally did. What else I realized: hitting the road and having a little trip does not mean that I get to jump ship on my healthy lifestyle! It used to. It used to mean stopping at rest stops, getting a soda or candy bar or (gag) McDonald's. It used to mean eating anything I desired at restaurants and being inactive.

Well, there were no rest stop stops! I grabbed a coffee with skim milk for my drive home, but that was it.

We ate out twice, but I felt like I did a great job! The dinner we went to, we all shared a naan pizza with beets and veggies and nuts on top (I had two pieces) and so I only ordered a salad for dinner. It was a beet and goat cheese salad and was very small, but so delicious. I got ALL my beets in for the weekend, I am sure :D Lunch the next day was Ethiopian food and three of us shared a two person entree, so we ate very reasonably.

Then I came home and ate turkey burgers (no bun), sweet potatoes and broccoli for dinner with a pure mango popsicle for dessert (real mango and only 60 calories!).

I felt great about that :D

I was up in weight on Friday, to about 129... AGH. A four pound jump in one day? Weird. Didn't eat like that. Oh well, could very well be bloating related. We will see. Better behavior and staying on track will be the proof.

I did a Jillian Michael's 30 day shred workout before I left for Providence, since I'd be sitting in a car for 3 hours. Felt good to get the heart pumping a little.

Looking forward to an awesome, quiet Sunday with Chris. Plan to do some dog-walking, a little co-op shopping, and home cooking!

I wanted to share a picture Chris took of Koda yesterday (they went and hiked three High Peaks yesterday while I was gone! They are such rock stars!!):

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  1. That is an AMAZING photo; like, photo contest-worthy. Seriously!

    Providence is way cool. We take the kids down to see P-Bruins hockey sometimes. :)