Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Up a little...

And to be expected.

I am up to 131.

It's fine! I would have been THRILLED TO DEATH a month ago to have weighed 131. So I am in a good place mentally :)

It just reaffirms that I have to stay on track and focused if I want to get down to where I am bouncing around between 125 and 129 and don't have to worry about the 130s anymore. I'd like to be at a place where a little drinking on the weekend won't put me into the 130s. Which means I have to be fit and eating clean 99% of the time!

I am willing to work on this. More than willing.

I am struggling with the effects of the wine trail, though. I am hungier for the past three days. I want JUNK. I want cake and candy and potato chips. I haven't craved those in weeks. So, big surprise that after a day of eating fudge and cheese and wine, I all of a sudden have these cravings back! Makes me want to stay a little farther away from the indulgences, haha.

Also, something of note. I started paleo because I was interested in how it claimed to reduce inflammation. I have some chronic itchy rashes on my legs... or did, before paleo. I struggled with them for a long time, they bothered me a lot. Tried creams and good soaps and etc etc. Then: eliminated bread and dairy (which I think dairy IS a big culprit in a lot of my digestive issues) and the rashes were gone!

But... after this weekend of a day off plan. They are back.

I don't think this is a big coincidence.

Another boost of confidence that paleo is really a good way for me to eat for the long haul!

I don't want cravings. Or rashes. Or weight gain.

I want clear skin and low body fat and to eat food to fuel my body to live my life!


  1. That is amazing that eating Paleo made your rashes go away! So glad it is working for you.

  2. Hey, about your question:
    I use a heart rate monitor. In my opinion it's the only way you can calculate it accurately. That being said, a guesstimate might be good enough in most cases. I just like it to be as close to 100% real as possible. Underestimating when guesstimating is a good idea. ;) I just noticed that all estimations on my behalf on the machines at the gym or any app on my phone were just waaay too low, so I wanted the real deal!

    I'd like to guess if you're lowballing it or not but there are so many factors.. Weight, fitness, age, heart rate, intensity.. If you consider yourself fit then that would mean lowballing is probably on the right end of the scale at least. :)

  3. I'm starting paleo next week. Hubby has been trying to convince me to do it for awhile...I think it's time.