Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One month of paleo challenge: COMPLETE!

So we (me and Chris) did our one month of paleo, the Whole30 challenge. We did very well! We had two cheat days, pre-planned, because they were planned before we decided to go paleo. I don't regret those cheat days, but I DID learn from them. We added two days to the month-long challenge to make up for our cheats :)

What we gained:

A wake up call (never, ever eating processed food again)

Two stronger bodies

About 15-17 pounds lost between the two of us (9-10 for Chris and 6-7 for me!)

The realization we don't need or want wheat/dairy in our lives (Chris actually had a headache for the first three days while detox-ing from wheat..... it's scary we are that addicted)

A better way to eat for hiking


What we lost:

Nothing! (other than weight)

We weren't ever hungry (in fact, I ate more calories on this plan than I did before it). We didn't miss out on social situations. We have felt better and more energetic day-to-day. Our hiking stamina improved. We are happy :)

So I think from all these gushing positives, it is pretty obvious we are going to be sticking with paleo ;)

We are adding back in natural sugars this week. Not every day and not in significant amounts. But I will use maple syrup to flavor paleo muffins and maybe put a teaspoon of honey in my tea once in a while. We won't be as strict with the no-added sugars as we were this past month. BUT I am ONLY going to eat natural sugars!

I'll let you know how the sugar test goes.



  1. Congrats! Sounds like you did absolutely amazing with Paleo! So glad you're in such a great place!

  2. Well done! You guys rocked this!!

  3. Hubby and I have had a few false starts with paleo but I love the idea of it!