Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paleo Mold!

Little surprises all the time, haha!

So, here in NY, it has been warm, wet, and downright muggy for a few days now. Today has been the worst so far.

I opened up my muffin tin, and my paleo carrot banana muffins made with almond flour were moldy! Gaaaaaahhhhhhh :P

For the past month, I've been making these paleo baked goods (mainly made up of either coconut or almond flour, bananas and TONS of eggs) and they have stored very well. But this was in cool, stable weather.

I think these baked goods are very unstable in humid weather. So they are going to be stored in the fridge this summer!

Just a little heads up to any of you who pre-prepare a week's worth of food, that the very UNpreserved nature of paleo food made need a little extra TLC :D


  1. Can you freeze them?

  2. Thanks for the tip! I haven't ventured into paleo baking yet but I'll keep this in mind. I don't have the humidity to deal with but extreme heat. :)