Monday, May 28, 2012

Checking in after the holiday weekend:

So we did trail work in the High Peaks on Saturday (10 miles, moving some trees off the trail) and then headed down to Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks to spend time with Chris' family.

Super active all weekend! Hiked out to a secret fishing spot with Chris' dad, did some fishing, walked around a lot (small hikes and trail walking).

No overeating :)

Went out to dinner Saturday night, had mahi-mahi and green beans. BBQ Sunday, ate pulled pork and salad.

Did splurge on 150 calories of coconut milk mint ice cream today, though... wooo! :D

Seriously. Paleo has changed my life and my outlook.

Things I would have normally eaten this weekend and didn't: pizza, cheese crescent rolls, pasta, mashed potatoes, coffee cake, chocolate cake, hash browns, .... haha! Instead we had omelettes for breakfast, berries for snacks, a little flavored coffee as a treat.

Adhering to paleo takes all the guess work out of this for me. Steers me towards the healthier choices. Makes it very hard to overeat (for me, anyway).

Weighed in at 128 around 3 PM today (I usually weigh first thing in the morning after peeing!) so I am super pleased to not have gained weight on vacation.

Had a lot of fun, to boot! Tons of fun, none of the guilt. Smiling!

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  1. Way to go Jeanette and sounds like it has been a fabulous weekend for you. You say so well some of what I'm feeling now....choices that once were difficult to make no longer are. It's simply the way I eat now. And I barely even look at so many things that once gave me such problems. Even when I look, they no longer present a temptation. It's a great place to be. But I'm not so naive as to think I couldn't be right back where I started with a few poor choices. So guess the forever way of life will always call for diligence!! Hope you have a good week!