Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holding steady, IBW???, sample day of eating.

I have been holding steady at 130.2 or 130.4 for this whole week. Which rocks, pretty much. I've never held this low of a weight for so many days in a row. I would still like to get down to 125-130, but I am not complaining, either. Just going to keep plugging away.

(note that angered me: my gyno sent me home with a report of my health, BP, and all that... had my height, weight, BMI.... and my IBW, which I learned is my ideal body weight. They put my IBW at 120 pounds. Screw them!!! I am rocking some serious muscle and think I am very healthy. My BP was 104/62!! I just don't think they should be the IBW on this "report", you know? Am I just really sensitive??)

Annnnnyway: My eating has been spotless!

I just wanted to put down what a REALLY great day of eating looks like for me, so if I start slipping up, I can come back and look at this and go "Ooookay, I got off the mark somewhere!"


1 egg 1 egg white with an ounce of chicken and lots of veggies (tomato, mushrooms, onions, broccoli) made with very little oil and topped with salsa and guacamole (small amount of these too)

Pulled pork snack when I visited boyfriend at work :) - made with vinegar, not BBQ sauce
Paleo carrot banana muffin
Red leaf lettuce salad topped with: tuna fish (no mayo), strawberries, and balsamic vinegar

Coconut milk smoothie with banana and strawberries
5 almonds

8 oz of AMAZING sockeye salmon topped with a mango salsa (note to self: this salsa is fresh and amazing: cut up one mango, 1/2 tomato, one avocado, and 1/2 green pepper, squeeze half a lime over it and sprinkle with black pepper.... this is your favorite ever!)
2 oz of roasted sweet potato

Date bar with shredded coconut

With the amounts, I came in around 1750 calories, and had taken some nice long walks to try and make a calorie deficit in the end.

But whatever the case, yesterday was an example of how I would like to (and try to) eat every day. Super fresh, clean, and chock full of veggies and protein. I was never hungry, never tired, and felt like I ate an amazing amount of food, too!

So, self: remember this. Try to emulate this every day. You feel great when you eat like this. GREAT!! No processed foods, no wheats... who cares? You don't need them! You are starting to love yourself and all the great decisions you are making. You need that feeling, for sure :)


  1. Lovely post! Glad you're enjoying Paleo!

  2. Sounds like you're determined! Good attitude.