Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The cat's away...

But this mouse is not going to play :)

Not in the cheating-on-paleo-let's-get-cake kind of way, at least!!

Chris is a traveling archaeologist for part of the year (I usually am, too, but the seasonal job hasn't opened up for me yet, argh!). He started traveling this week... off to the 1000 islands he goes, lucky boy! Free hotel and air conditioning. I am pretty jealous (got up to 90 here in Albany before freakishly intense storm rolled through this evening).

But that also means my partner and best friend is gone! I say again and again how I would never have been so successful at changing my life (eating well, being active) if it weren't for the complete and unconditional support of my guy. He is right there beside me, doing it with me, our health is important to BOTH of us and it makes this whole journey so much easier.

That means it is a little harder when he is gone :( I am a tad lonely and missing him. Last year, that would have meant I would have gotten myself a treat, watched some TV while eating it, gone to bed a little sad.

I am making a choice that I am still in control, no matter the circumstances! Ate very well today, lots of protein and seasonal fruit. Went to the gym as well for some cardio.

My dinner (which I prepped extra servings of so it is easy to eat dinner this week) is grilled chicken breast, grilled peppers, and roasted sweet potatoes with salsa! MMMMM... I seriously loved this meal.

Tomorrow, a friend is going to take me to his gym and show me how to do free weights. Going to be ripped and fit, oh yeah!! :D

Namaste, friends!


  1. It sounds like Paleo is really working for you. I think I need to try it, as I am seriously carb addicted. BTW: That is some wonderful looking food you have pictured in this post!

    1. Is there a website where I can get an outline of what it means to be eating a Paleo diet? If so, let me know. You could leave it as a comment on my latest post.