Monday, May 21, 2012


Feeling a little blue... maybe normal, because everything has been so, so UP lately.

First Monday without a job. I have a weird job (archaeologist) and now that teaching is over, I am waiting for seasonal work to begin. It's frustrating. I need to get a year-round position somewhere, even if it is not doing exactly what I want to do. I just need some income. Future dreams of a family and a home someday!

Not weighing right now. Feel bloated (TMI alert: my period is late... I think I've thrown my cycle off since I am down about 8 pounds in the past 35-40 days) and just not too pleased with the mirror. My clothes are still fitting great and I am still hitting the gym and following paleo... so I have no reason to think I've gained weight, I am just not feeling good.

Nothing too drastic, just some Monday blues.

Upside: had a great one hour gym workout today, sweated quite a bit (probably because it is hot here finally, too!) and made some macadamia nut, apple, banana cookies for treats for the next two weeks :)

Short post today, not quite feeling like myself!


  1. Sorry you are feeling blue. Hope things perk up in the job arena.

  2. When I was going to school I had a great geography teacher. I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be an archaeologist. Alas, when she transferred I lost the desire.

  3. We definitely all have days like this. Hope everything starts looking brighter soon!