Sunday, May 6, 2012

To sum up how I felt this weekend:

I feel like this picture says it all.

I am happy. I feel strong. I had an amazing weekend in one of the prettiest places on earth :)

Over 15 miles hiked, 7 of those with a 35 pound pack!

3 High Peaks in the Adirondacks hiked (Upper Wolf Jaw, Armstrong and Gothics)

4 great people shared the weekend with me (including Chris!) :)

This lifestyle is paying off in numerous ways. I love every picture that was taken of me, even the ones where I am making a stupid face, haha. I ended the hike still feeling great and strong, no body-wrenching exhaustion for me! My pace was quick, my upper body was strong enough to pull me up and keep me safe.

I only want more.


  1. Awesome pic & awesome post!!! Go!

  2. So glad that Paleo is working for you. Keep up the good work!