Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A little gorgonzola slip up!

In fairness and honesty, I will come clean that I ate a little gorgonzola cheese last night (a shmear). It was off plan and I shouldn't have... but I also am using this month to train myself to LIVE with this eating plan, so I am not displeased with myself either.

Invited to a backyard BBQ last night. I brought lemon marinated asparagus, a strawberry almond salad with red lead lettuce, and an olive oil and rosemary marinated pork loin. I did all this to make sure Chris and I would have tons of options for food.

We did not eat the potatoes or the hot dogs at the BBQ.

However, our good friend bought pricey grass-fed local steaks and stuffed them with gorgonzola and mushrooms... a very lovely and time consuming and expensive meal that he prepared for us. It was a miniscule amount of cheese and I was not about to not partake of his efforts! (Also, the meat was INSANELY good, the best beef I've eaten all year maybe?)

I actually like our little slip up. It showed me I can go to a BBQ, turn down the junk food, not fill up on chips and empty carbs, and still have a little taste of a food I won't usually eat and is not on my daily plan and it is all good :) I was social, did not drink alcohol, had a lovely meal, didn't go over my calories, and ate TONS of protein.

So, gorgonzola aside, a great success!

We were only supposed to "cheat" this month twice (once for the wine trail and once for the chocolate making class.. which is tomorrow, woooo!!) but this is a minor cheat. So I am going to extend the strict Paleo diet for three extra days to make up for our cheats. And then I will start to experiment with some foods to see what should be added back in :)

Had a great yoga class this morning, feeling stretched and calm.

Much love!

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  1. Good job on not being too hard on yourself. You are right you have to live with this plan! Those steaks sound amazing! Glad you had a good time!