Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Staying on track, despite feeling a little low

Being very purposeful right now in my life and acknowledging that I am at a low point with my mood (nothing life-wise really to make me low, I just am, it happens!) and being aware that these low points could potentially be a trigger for poor eating... which would cause weight gain which would throw me into a cycle of depression and weight gain.

So, being bright and aware. So that I don't make food choices based on my mood. Food is still fuel, it helps my body move through this world. Other things (my animals, my guy, reading a good book, getting my work done, a bubble bath!) are things I need to use to improve my mood.

Yoga today was very different. We did only about a dozen poses in an hour... super slow, long stretches, just relaxing. I actually went into a meditative state a few times (especially in butterfly pose, folded over my feet) and I needed it. It was the perfect class for this point in my life and my state of mind.

To be purposeful. To be aware, of my body and my mind.

To NOT fall into bad habits, because they are easy and temporarily make me feel good.

I will stop these cycles now.

I weighed in at 129.4 today :) It is that TOM for me, so that's great. I AM doing this right, I am staying on track, I am treating my body well.

I will put my whole self into this, a healthy and balanced self, for the rest of my life.

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  1. I'm loving the positivity in this post and it sounds like your yoga session was a great anecdote to your previous mood. Great weigh in too!