Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hiked today: didn't summit!

Chris and I played hookey today and went up to the Adirondacks, looking to do one of the 8 High Peaks we have left to do.

It was a bushwhack, however. That means that there is no trail, not even a semi-defined herd path, no blazes and no help. We had to rely on GPS, compass, maps and our eyes to get to the top. The first two miles were very easy as they were well used by other people to get to a hunting camp. Then the trail stopped completely and it took us over an hour to go about a mile up a ridge. Fog was rolling in, it was lightly raining, and we were taking compass readings every five minutes.

Slow going.

It was around 11 o'clock when we got to our first landmark. I had to be back home by 6 to go to my Grandma's birthday. We knew there was no way we were going to make it. Also, it was rainy and there were no views. Aaaaaaand... we were slightly unsure about the way and how long it would take us. I didn't want to be in the middle of a forest in the dark (even though I had my headlamp, without a trail, that's unnerving).

So we made the decision to turn around. It was hard, I was a little upset about not finishing. But it was totally the right decision.

We hiked out the 3 miles, drove down the road a little to go to a huuuuge waterfall (Roaring Brook Falls) and enjoyed some time there before heading home.

Not technically successful, but we had a good time! We learned some lessons about bushwhacking (it took longer than we thought!) and ourselves and were active for about 5 hours today.


I'm pretty happy. We are hiking and camping this weekend, so we went and shopped for food for that today, got my Grandma some roses, and now we are off to say Happy Birthday to her! (She is 97!)

Pictures of the hike coming soon :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Sounds like some good lessons learned and you had fun...which is really the whole point, right? :)