Monday, April 30, 2012

Recovering from the weekend

So, as I planned, I got off plan this weekend!

I am not really ashamed of it, but I did pay for it (see previous post!). I want to be able to indulge and drink wine and eat cheese with my friends once in a while!

I feel okay about it. I looked in the mirror today and I didn't instantly gain back all the weight (weigh in coming maybe Wednesday?). This is why I live my day to day healthy and balanced. It is why I go to the gym and try to put on muscle. These habits will carry me through the occasional (and I DO mean occasional... as in once or twice a month) slips. Should I even call it a slip? It was planned!

I prepared tons of paleo food for the week. We are OVERFLOWING with vegetables. To the point where I am trying to make Chris eat more than he even wants, haha, because I am afraid they will go bad. What a nice problem to have!

Prepping all that food was part of my mental recovery from letting loose this weekend. I got right back in control. There are no excuses for us this week.

My other recovery: 30 minutes cardio and 20 minutes strength training at the gym this morning. Feeling peppy and pleasantly worked out.

We rode our bikes to a friend's house last night to watch Game of Thrones. Our friend put out baby carrots for us to munch on while everyone else had cheese and spinach dip on crackers. I am glad the other snacks weren't an option for me. So often, I would undo days worth of healthy behaviors by eating half a cheese block at a friend's house! I love, love, love cheese. I also love that I am completely fine without it. Hopefully, this month of paleo will teach me to not reach for the cheese or teach me that once small slice is fine (any more and I might have some TMI tummy problems).

I am a total fantasy nerd. Game of Thrones is perfect. PERFECT. I love the books way more than the TV show, but wow... I love seeing the landscapes, the castles, the costumes, the jewelry, the food.... it transplants me into that world so perfectly for one hour a week. I love it.

Another goal of mine: look hot in a Game of Thrones inspired costume for Halloween this year? Maybe!


  1. Sounds like a great start to the week. I too love Game of Thrones, but since I don't have HBO, I have to wait for it to come out on DVD to see. This saddens me.

  2. I also watch Game of Thrones. It's very different from anything else on TV. I have also found that when I overindulge, the weight doesn't usually come on the next day--it comes a couple of days later--just when I think I'm home free! Glad that you're getting back with it!