Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting over anxieties! (working out while doing so!)

This weekend's assignment for getting over anxieties was to bring my dog (Koda) on a bigger and farther away hike than he's been on yet!

I get nervous thinking about Koda in the woods (I think I am going to be a nervous type of parent). We also have been having problems in the car with long car rides and misbehavior.

So, we endeavored to do a hike in the Catskills, over an hour away and about a 7 mile hike (we do under 30 minute car rides and about 4 mile hikes usually).

Turned out great! A few snafus though:

- He slipped his collar at a gas station in a small town. Took about 15 minutes to get him back into the car because he was feeling saucy after the long car ride (oy).

- There was snow in the mountains! We did a lot of talking to people and reading of trip reports to ensure there was no snow. But you can't prepare for Mother Nature (unexpected big storm the night before), so we were a little unprepared and did some slipping around.

- Some spots of the hike were not dog-friendly. There was a 12 foot near vertical rock wall near a cliff with some juts of rock and tree roots that he needed a little extra help with. Koda was eager to DO it, just needed some support from Chris up the rock. There was another about weird area that he needed to do: 6 foot high rock that you really had to use your HUMAN hands and arms to pull yourself up. Chris literally picked Koda up and threw him on top, haha. Both man and dog performed admirably!

Here are a few pictures from the hike (Indian Head in the Catskills):

It was a very strange day. Some dog anxiety (that is all my problem and I need to work on it, I just so badly want him to be safe), weird weather, AND we met friends on the summit who are doing a several day through hike. Strange! We had no idea we would meet them and it felt very serendipitous!! The forest is magic, absolutely!

So, I got a great workout: 7 miles, 5 of those were uphill! And worked on dog behavior and my own problems with the dog.

Even though it was AWFUL that he got loose before the hike and I was trembling with nervousness until he got back in the car, I think it was a good thing that happened. I had to face it and deal with and not just live in dread of it. And we are all safe and happy, so it all worked out.

I love hiking for my workouts. I love bringing the dog on my workouts. It really keeps me moving and wanting to move.

Side note: this hike was extraordinarily easy for me. I felt so strong and fit and the long climb up didn't bother me. My breath came easily and my muscles responded quickly.

All of this gym time (cardio, strength, AND yoga) are helping me more than I could ever have imagined!

We had a Game of Thrones party with friends and they made Game of Thrones style food:

Pease Porridge
HEART two ways (yes, heart)
Lamb Stew
Onion tarts
Spicy eggs
etc, etc, etc

Needless to say, I indulged quite a bit. Very aware of it. Won't be weighing myself for a few days while I reign my behavior back in :D

Went to the gym early this morning before heading to school to give make-ups tests. Feeling good and positive!

Namaste, friends.

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  1. Wow, that hike sounds amazing. Your dog must love being able to exercise and burn energy with you. Loved this post!