Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fish Tacos

I really wanted to share this meal I made for me, Chris and a friend last night because we all loved it so much:

Fish "tacos" (eaten in a broad leafed lettuce leaf) and mango salsa!

To make the salsa, we diced up avocados, mango, green pepper (I wish I had had red), red onion, and squeezed lime juice on top, then garnished with cilantro. It was so yummy, I ate some just with a spoon before the fish was ready. Nom.

To make the fish, we used tilapia. We chopped it into bite sized pieces, dredged them in almond flour, then in egg, then in "breading" made of chia flour, flaxseed meal, shredded coconut, garlic, black pepper, paprika, and a hint of ginger! Fried them in about 1/5 a cup of coconut oil.

Seriously delicious. We ate the whole pound of tilapia between the three of us!

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